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"Liquid crystal" is the new buzz word in the cosmetics and skin care industry and, although liquid crystals have been around for a few decades, they are currently being heavily advertised as the new miracle ingredient. What are liquid crystals and do they have a place on the shelf with your natural skin care treatment products?

Much of matter is recognizable as a liquid, a solid or a gas. However, some substances are in between and possess some of the properties of both. A popular example is mayonnaise: if you put a tablespoon of mayonnaise on a plate it will not level out, as a true liquid would, but if you tip the jar sideways it doesn't just stay in the jar like a true solid. Liquid crystals are in a similar state. They have many and varied applications: laptop and flat screen monitors, digital clocks and watches, microwave ovens, CD players, and, now, cosmetics.

How does this molecular structure relate to skin care treatment? The major benefit is that it solves a big problem in the industry - absorption of the nutrients and other substances that are supposed be beneficial. Many skin care treatment products - soaps, shampoos and cleansing products, cosmetics such as lipstick, eye creams, blush and foundations - now contain healing ingredients such as Vitamins C and E, aloe vera, collagen, essential fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients. However, if they simply stay on the surface of the skin, little benefit is derived.

Getting the nutrients into the skin is only the first part of your skin care routine. Keeping them in and protecting your skin from harmful elements in your environment is essential today. The irritants and toxins we encounter in everyday life can strip away your skin's natural protective layer and destroy all the benefits of your carefully designed skin care program. Protect your skin with a good shielding lotion.

Many products containing liquid crystals are available on the shelves and on the Internet. However, make sure you check the other ingredients. If you're going to facilitate absorption, ensure that the ingredients are substances you want to absorb.

The long and short of it? If you can find liquid crystal products that are otherwise safe, adding them to your natural skin care treatment products should give you younger looking skin within a few weeks.

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