Frequently Asked Questions

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A: Try David Kirsch Wellness Afternoon Energy, which contains a combination of natural, mood-boosting ingredients including vitamin B-12, ginseng, reishi mushroom and astralagus. In addition to relieving stress and enhancing energy, this blend increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain so that you can focus more clearly – without the negative side effects of caffeine or sugar.

A: The multivitamin New Chapter Organics Every Woman Multi Vitamin can provide numerous benefits: in addition to supporting overall health and nutrition with its whole-food base of vitamins and minerals, this formula contains herbs that energize and support the immune and digestive system – so you won’t get run down as easily. It’s also ideal for an active lifestyle, since it can be taken anytime.

A: If you want your skin to return to its glowing potential in just a few weeks, try skyn ICELAND Arctic Elixir. This natural formula is designed to counteract the stress-induced signs of aging by working on a cellular level, so you can begin to feel and look like your youthful self again in as little time as possible.

A: While it might be tempting to share a family member’s acne treatment, doing so can actually make your skin look worse, according to Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi. Topical medications are geared toward those with oily skin – mainly teens. As you enter your 20s, your skin becomes less oily and a topical treatment can dry out your skin and cause fine lines to become more noticeable. Instead, consult your doctor as to which type of treatment is right for you based on your degree of acne and skin type.

A: Most likely. Retinol is very effective at controlling oil and reducing redness and irritation. However, because it’s so powerful, it must be used properly. Don’t overdo it. Start off with SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5. Transition slowly and be patient. If you use too much, you could actually dry up your skin and make acne worse.

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