Frequently Asked Questions

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A: Nailing down a specific lifespan for your razor blade really depends on your hair type and your razor blade. According to Glamour blog Lipstick, most people change their razor blades about every month or so but you may need to change your sooner if it stops working as effectively. When it comes to razors, it’s better to toss it and be safe than leave it and risk razor burn or an infection.

A: Laser hair treatment is typically safe as long it’s completed in a clean and reputable facility with a train professional. According to the FDA, possible side effects of laser hair removal can include blistering, discoloration after treatment, swelling, redness and scarring, but are uncommon. Also, sunlight should be avoided during the healing process. Always talk to your doctor about side effects and risk factors before undergoing any cosmetic treatment.

A: Which hair removal method is best really depends on you, your skin type and your hair. Some hair removal processes work wonders for some people and don’t work at all for others. The best way to figure out which process will work best for you is to experiment with the ones you’re willing to try until you find your perfect match.

A. Flaky skin brought on by a lack of moisture can be itchy and uncomfortable, particularly when camping. To keep skin hydrated and supple, try FarmHouse Fresh Butter Rum Brown Sugar Body Scrub. This sweetly scented butterscotch formula gently sloughs off dead skin cells, allowing your skin to absorb lotion on a deeper and more nourishing level.

A: When creating unforgettable moments, over-the-top items help to set the stage. Try stringing the trees with enchanting fairy lights and burning a scented candle. Go for one with musky notes such as NEST Fragrances Scented Candle in Moroccan Amber, which will fill your RV with a woodsy, sensual fragrance.

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