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A: Yes, a mascara primer can help your mascara glide on more easily with fewer clumps and smudges, extending the look of your lashes. LashFood Conditioning Fiber Primer is an ideal choice, conditioning and thickening your lashes for a lush, flawless look.

A: Absolutely. To use less perfume but still create a noticeable scent, dab a bit of petroleum jelly or unscented almond oil on the surface of your skin. Layer your perfume on top, using only a small amount. Less of it will be absorbed by the skin, resulting in a stronger scent.

A: Absolutely. The guidelines are just that – a guide. Unless you notice any changes in the consistency, texture or aroma, keep using your lotion if it’s still bringing the desired results.

A: Oatmeal can be used in many ways to benefit your skin. By using it as an exfoliating scrub, you can treat acne, brighten skin and soothe extra dry skin from head to toe. You can use regular oatmeal from your kitchen cupboard or use colloidal oatmeal to give your scrub a little something extra.

A: Grab some brewer’s yeast, a lemon and mix them together until you make a paste. Apply directly to the blemish, let it sit for a good 10 minutes and rinse any leftover residue with warm water. The brewer’s yeast fights the bacteria that cause breakouts while the lemon juice dries out blemishes. This combination is a great, affordable spot treatment that won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin.

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