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Clarisonic Product HandbookClarisonic Product Handbook

Clarisonic is a trusted name in skincare. The company’s skin cleansing and anti-aging systems are clinically proven to make skin clearer and more youthful-looking than ever imagined. Looking for tips on how to effectively use your new Clarisonic products? Everything you wanted to know about Clarisonic can be found in this updated handbook, which now has a half dozen more articles to help you get the most out of your Clarisonic device.

How to Build a Daily Regimen with SkinCeuticalsHow to Build a Daily Regimen with SkinCeuticals

If you’re looking to upgrade your skincare routine, consider SkinCeuticals. A brand built on medical-grade dermatological research, SkinCeuticals formulates products with potent, proven blends of ingredients for skin that’s healthier and better-looking than ever before.

What's Your (Skin) Type? Choosing the Right SkinCeuticals ProductsWhat's Your (Skin) Type? Choosing the Right SkinCeuticals Products

Skincare products won’t work well unless they contain the right ingredients for your skin type. Therefore, it’s essential to center your daily regimen around your skin type in order to maintain healthy skin. This is possible with SkinCeuticals’ science-based skincare products. Read on to learn more.

Choosing SkinCeuticals Products Based on Skin ConditionChoosing SkinCeuticals Products Based on Skin Condition

Everyone has unique skin with different needs, so skincare products can't be one-size-fits-all. SkinCeuticals understands this and has created a variety of treatments formulated to treat specific skin conditions. Whether you're wondering how to treat and improve aging skin or need effective relief from acne or rosacea, you’re sure to find a SkinCeuticals product that’s just right for your skin.

SkinCeuticals Regimen for All Skin Types and Anti-Aging Needs: The 8 Top Skincare Sets for Healthy, Youthful SkinSkinCeuticals Regimen for All Skin Types and Anti-Aging Needs: The 8 Top Skincare Sets for Healthy, Youthful Skin

For anti-aging skincare that’s backed by the latest, most innovative science, turn to SkinCeuticals. Whether you’re new to SkinCeuticals or looking for products that work together for better results, read on to learn about the value-packed SkinCeutical treatments kits.

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Q: What are antioxidants? How do they improve skin?

A: Antioxidants are natural compounds that are found in a variety of foods – including fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. In the body, research shows that antioxidants can defend cells from damage due to free radicals, which result from pollution, UV radiation, cigarette smoke, environmental pollution and even metabolism. Unprotected, this free radical damage can result in a variety of problems, ranging from disease to skin aging. Although there are many different types of antioxidants, those that are common include vitamins A, C and E, lycopene, selenium and carotenoids.

Q: Where can I find out more about the research behind SkinCeuticals?

A: The research behind SkinCeuticals is very transparent and many of their groundbreaking scientific studies are available in widely published scientific journals. To learn more, visit this link.

Q: What makes the clinical studies of SkinCeuticals products different from other brands?

A: Sometimes, companies test individual ingredients instead of the combinations that are actually used in formulas. Or, only high concentrations of ingredients are tested, rather than the actual concentrations used in the products. These practices can yield misleading results. SkinCeuticals tests the actual combination of ingredients on real skin using biomarkers, an advanced method of tracking the effect of ingredients on skin.

Q: I noticed that some SkinCeuticals products are designed to provide “photoprotection.” Isn’t my sunscreen enough?

A: There’s strong scientific evidence that shows that sunscreen isn’t sufficient to block out all the damaging effects of the sun. First, many people apply sunscreen incorrectly, compromising its ability to protect. Second, most sunscreens only block out 55 percent of free radicals – even when applied correctly. Antioxidant-based photoprotectors like SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic and SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF help by boosting the skin’s ability to neutralize the leftover free radicals, which cause aging and skin cancer.

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