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Fall Style Update Guide: Makeup and Beauty Trends to Ditch or Embrace After Labor DayFall Style Update Guide: Makeup and Beauty Trends to Ditch or Embrace After Labor Day

You may have loved the beach-worthy hues and barefaced simplicity of summer, but come Labor Day, it’s time to shake up your routine. Whether you’re after a sleek and polished look or prefer a tousled, low-maintenance routine this fall season, there’s an easy-to-emulate style that’s perfect for you. Use our handy cheat sheet to transition from passé summer trends to makeup, nail and hair looks that are primed for fall and winter.

Fall Hair Solutions from the Experts: Repair, Pamper and Protect Your Hair Color and Texture for Fresh Autumn StyleFall Hair Solutions from the Experts: Repair, Pamper and Protect Your Hair Color and Texture for Fresh Autumn Style

You might be eager for the crisp days and earthy colors of fall, but is your hair ready for the change in seasons? Whether you’re facing the challenge of fading hair color, residual sun damage or just need to update your style, learn how to transition smoothly from the laissez-faire days of summer to a more structured and sophisticated routine. Read on for essential tips for treating, protecting and pampering hair for the new season ahead.

Go-to Anti-aging Treatments For GuysGo-to Anti-aging Treatments For Guys

When it comes to tackling the signs of aging, many guys aren’t sure where to start in picking the right treatments for their skincare regimen. From the most effective ingredients to the top men’s anti-aging formulas, this guide will help any guy reverse the clock for a healthier, younger complexion.

How to Choose the Proper Makeup for Your Skin Type: Cream vs. Powder Based MakeupHow to Choose the Proper Makeup for Your Skin Type: Cream vs. Powder Based Makeup

Selecting the best makeup for your complexion involves more than just color matching. Different makeup formulas complement different skin types, and finding the right fit for your skin can seem complicated. Whether you struggle with dry areas, creased shadow or can’t seem to prevent the dreaded midday shine, there’s a makeup formula that can keep your skin concerns at bay. Read on to discover how to find and use the right cosmetics for a naturally flawless look that lasts.

Acne and Aging in Your 30s: Double TroubleAcne and Aging in Your 30s: Double Trouble

Many people spend their teenage years battling acne, while others enter their 20s without having experienced so much as a single pimple. Unfortunately, adult acne is surprisingly common, with many women experiencing their first bout after age 30. Combine this with the appearance of wrinkles and you’ve got a serious skin dilemma. There are, however, many ways to fight both acne and aging simultaneously.

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Q: I love braids and wore them often this summer. Can I carry the style into fall without looking out of place?

A: Plaited hair was a fashion staple on fall’s runways, so you can continue to rock this look with confidence. Make a few adjustments from your slightly disheveled, summertime braid and keep your cool weather coif refined. To keep tresses firmly in place, spritz locks with a flexible hold formula such as Philip B Jet Set Precision Control Hair Spray, and don’t forget to add in this season’s most stylish accessory – a deep-set part.

Q: I love the look of neutral nails, but I’m really fair and not sure if they’ll work with my skin tone. Can you recommend an alternative that will complement my skin tone?

A: While the nude nail trend is universally flattering, not everyone is comfortable with the hint-of-color manicure. Fortunately, fall welcomes ultra-elegant garnet toned hues. We like the chip-resistant, stylish red shades designed by Essie Reds Nail Color, which has the perfect color for every complexion.

Q: I love the metallic, smoky eye that’s popular this fall, but I’m not very skilled at applying makeup. Can you recommend foolproof eye shadow formula that will keep me on-trend?

A: Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert to take advantage of this season’s hottest eye makeup. Cream shadows are simple to apply and go on smoothly with the tip of your finger – no brush required. Reach for one that’s velvety soft and has a stylish, bronzy finish like Butter London Wink Cream Eye Shadow in Randy. Simply swipe it on and you’re ready to go!

Q: I love chocolate and pizza. Can sugary or greasy foods cause my skin to break out?

A: There’s no scientific proof that diet increases oil production. However, many medical professionals believe that foods that contain hormones can cause changes in your skin. So if you think the culprit may be too much meat or milk or that candy bar you had for dessert, try eliminating certain foods from your diet for a week or so and see if you notice a change in your acne.

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