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Crack the Code on Fragrance and Discover Your Signature Scent    Crack the Code on Fragrance and Discover Your Signature Scent

Ranging from light and floral to heady and opulent - when it comes to fragrances - preferences run the gamut. Yet still, some women prefer to keep their fragrances natural, finding artificial scents offensive to their olfactory system. Find out where you fall on the spectrum, and discover how you can use your signature scent to show off your style IQ.

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An expanding market of organic beauty brands has made these once-elite formulas more accessible than ever. Whether you're new to organic beauty or a maven of earth-friendly formulas, here's your guide to budget friendly beauty - including the top 12 staples to add to your arsenal of organic essentials.

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 Top 10 Beauty Blunders: Get Glamorous by Breaking Bad Habits Top 10 Beauty Blunders: Get Glamorous by Breaking Bad Habits

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Q. After months of searching, I found the perfect fragrance. But after a full day of wear, the scent is unrecognizable. What happened?

A. Finding the right perfume can be tedious - and the process involves more than stop-and-go counter sampling. Before you commit to buying a bottle, Vogue recommends letting the fragrance settle on your skin for no less than eight hours. This is because a perfume is comprised of three essential elements: top notes, middle notes, and base notes. The top notes (what you smell at the fragrance counter) evaporate after five to 30 minutes. Middle notes, also known as the heart of the fragrance, tend to linger longer, according to POPSUGAR. Base notes are the longest lasting of all of the elements - but you won't be able to smell them until at least 30 minutes after you apply. So, to get a realistic idea of what your fragrance will smell like after a long day, it's best to take home a sample and let the scent reveal itself.

Q. I've finally discovered a great fragrance - but I'm frustrated that it only sticks to my skin for a few hours. How can I make it last all day?

A. How long your fragrance does - or doesn't - last, can be directly related to its base notes. "Citrus, green, and floral scents are brighter than woodsy ones, but they don't last long," Sue Phillips, president and CEO of Scenterprises and owner of the Scentsorium, an appointment-only, custom-fragrance studio in Tribeca, tells Allure. "If you want a perfume that you won't have to refresh after four hours, look for words like 'spicy' or 'oriental' in the description." But, if you still have your heart set on a fresh and flirty fragrance, make sure to moisturize your skin before applying your perfume, because "fragrance lasts much longer on moisturized skin," adds Phillips. Additionally, try applying your perfume to your pulse points (ankles, knees, in the crooks of your elbows, on your cleavage, and on the nape of your neck) where fragrance tends to last longer.

Q. I love the idea of having a signature fragrance - but I find most scents unappealing. Can you recommend a perfume that's suitable for a woman with an intense fragrance aversion?

A. If you're a woman that finds most fragrances deterring, you're not alone. "We all exist on a sensory spectrum," Dr. Ted Zeff, author of The Highly Sensitive Person's Survival Guide, tells InStyle. "About 20 percent of the population has a very sensitive nervous system. These are the people who feel things more deeply, and that often includes scent. In my research I found many of them struggle with synthetic fragrances." Instead, Dr. Zeff recommends reaching for an essential oil based fragrance, such as Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll On Fragrance Oil, which touts healing and restorative properties. "Consider something like lavender. If you are an HSP [highly sensitive person] and you inhale that, it can calm you down. It's the same with chamomile and rose. These oils all reduce stress."

Q. I'd like to forgo daily hair washing, but after a day, my locks are limp and lifeless. Can you give me some tips about what could be causing this - and how I can avoid it in the future?

A. If your locks are limp and lifeless the day after you wash them - you might be using too much conditioner. While most people apply conditioning creams from root to tip - it's not necessary - and it can work to weigh down the hair that's closest to your scalp. To keep your second day style from falling flat, Real Simple recommends starting at your ears, and working conditioner through to the ends. If this technique doesn't give you the second day volume that you're after, reach for Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, which is formulated to absorb the oils that can leave hair looking flat, plus it softens and protects the scalp.

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