Q: I adore the neon shades that are in style this season, but I’m in my 60s and not sure that these bright colors are age-appropriate. How can I pull them off?

A: A short mini skirt or plunging neck line might be off the table when it comes to your age, but bright colors are one thing that you should feel confident to embrace no matter how old you are. While head to toe neon is probably an eyesore at any age, consider pairing a bright pink blouse with tan pants. Or look for some brightly colored accessories. Also, look for the neon shades that are slightly washed out or faded for a more subtle look.

Q: I’m seeing racks of colored denim at the department store. I’m not very brave when it comes to fashion, but I’d like to try this look. Any tips for pulling it off?

A: Colored denim is a hot spring and summer look. Adam Glassman tells O, The Oprah Magazine that those new to colored denim should “stick to blushes, grays, and soft tan shades” since these are easy to complement with black, navy and other neutral tops. Slip on metallic flats to top off the look.

Q: I’d like to try out an orange shade of lip color, but I’m not sure if this color will pair well with my pale skin. Is orange okay for a fair complexion?

A: Absolutely! Unlike shades of red or plum, almost any orange hue will work well with every complexion, including fair skin.

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The boutiques and department stores have cleared out the cold weather styles to make room for the summer’s hottest trends. Before you start shopping, take a sneak peak at the hottest colors to incorporate into your summer wardrobe and beauty routine.

Trendy colors change with the seasons – so staying up on the latest shades can be a struggle, especially since it can take some time and planning to figure out how to wear certain colors. To make it easier, here’s a style guide that explains not only which colors to embrace for summer, but also how to incorporate them into your wardrobe and makeup.

Shine on with these summer shades

To up the fashion factor in your summer wardrobe, look to add these shades when picking out new accessories, wardrobe pieces and makeup:

  • Lovely lemon
  • Nothing lights up your look like the shade of yellow, so let a refreshing glass of lemonade inspire you as you pick out pieces to add to your closet or the next bottle of nail polish to purchase. When putting your outfit together, consider pairing yellow garments with bright pink or beige, recommends Glamour.

  • Gorgeous gold
  • Last year was all about the glittery metallic shades of silver. Swap these colors for shiny shades of gold, as seen in Gucci’s latest line. Gold is easy shade to accessorize with – pull out your favorite gold jewelry and look for purses and belts with a shiny golden glow. Compliment the look with cosmetics like gold tinted eyeliner and eye shadow.

  • Tempting tangerine
  • Splash your look with some citrusy shades of orange. This bright, bold hue is an ideal alternative to pink, which so often dominates the summer palette. Orange is a color that’s great for casual summer outfits – look to tangerine blouses, tank tops and shorts. Stores are also brimming with orange-inspired accessories including handbags, clutches and scarves, which are an easy way to update your summer style without breaking the bank. Top off any outfit with a sheer, shimmery shade of apricot or nectarine lip gloss.  

  • Shocking shades of neon
  • Neon – yes, neon! – is the go-to palette of the summer season. Look for some of your favorite shades in brighter hues like hot pink, lime or electric blue. For a casual, subtler look, pair one neon piece – like a blouse or silk camisole – with tan colored shorts or a pencil skirt. Bright neon accessories including clutches, sunglasses, flip-flops and headbands can make a casual outfit pop along with hot pink lip liner or neon nail colors. If you opt for a loud neon maxi dress or romper, remember to skip the bright accessories and jewelry.

  • Pretty pastels
  • As the days lengthen, don’t pack away your springtime pastels. The pastel palette is rolling over into the warm weather season and provides an accessible alternative to the shocking shades of neon that otherwise steal the summer show. Soft, chalky pinks, purples, blues and yellows work well for casual daytime pieces including blouses, sleeveless tops, cropped pants and shorts. Pretty pastel eye shadows, liners and glosses are also ideal for creating a casual, lightweight warm-weather look that’s great for a backyard BBQ or a stroll on the beach.  

  • Classic crimson
  • Not so sure if the eye-catching shades of neon are right for you look? Thankfully, Glamour UK reports that classic reds are sticking around for the summer season. For an evening on the town, think old Hollywood and match a bold red dress with a similar shade of lip color. For a more casual daytime look, look for lightweight silky blouses and juicy red accessories including scarves, purses and slip-on shoes.

Beyond color: Patterns galore

In addition to the bright shades of summer, pay attention the following patterns:

  • Feminine florals: Fashion magazines and designer runways are packed with floral prints, which are perfect for either the office or a casual daytime look. Look for these pretty, feminine patterns in blouses and dresses.  
  • Stripes and polka dots: When it comes to patterns, stripes and polka dots in bright shades, black or even navy blue are ideal for summer. Unless you’re a brave fashionista, stick with just one patterned piece per outfit.
  • Color block and clash: For the bold trendsetter, bring spring’s style of color blocking to the next level by combining it your favorite patterns. Yes, this creates quite the clash, but according to Glamour UK, when it comes to summer fashion “the rules are that there are no rules. Clash away!”

Create a summer look that sizzles with brilliant, eye-popping shades of orange, neon green and every color in between. Add in delicate floral patterns and color blocked prints along with pastel nails, tangerine gloss and a few brightly colored accessories and you’ll shine like the sun this warm weather season.


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