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The green beauty movement isn’t just a passing trend. And it can have different definitions for different people. For instance, your idea of natural might be to look for products that promote a healthy planet, prepare homemade skin treatments or use essential oils to treat common skincare concerns. Whatever your definition, our Natural Beauty Handbook features 20 articles that discuss all the different ways you can go green.

  1. Look to Nature for a Gentle Skincare Routine. If you’re ready to go green, it helps to start with the basics. Some skincare products contain potentially irritating ingredients, such as artificial colorants and synthetic fragrances. Switching to some natural ingredients can be gentler on your skin. Here’s a primer on making the transition, with details on what to look for in cleansers, body washes, shampoos and other essential products.
  2. 5 Nourishing, Natural Ingredients. Did you know that lavender can benefit acne, or that lemon acts as a hair cleanser? In our comprehensive guide to natural ingredients, you’ll learn about the various benefits of common beauty ingredients — from macadamia oil to shea butter — and how to add them to your routine.
  3. How to Complete Your Skin Care Routine. Great skin isn’t just about using the right cleanser or cream. A healthy complexion starts from the inside out. Stress and certain foods have been known to trigger and worsen skin conditions, such as eczema and rosacea, so creating a balanced lifestyle is crucial to maintaining healthy skin. Here’s how to get your skin glowing with a few key habits.
  4. The Truth about Natural Skin Care. The word “natural” has become a buzzword in the beauty industry, but what does it actually mean? Here, we break down labels like “organic, “natural” and “derived from plants” to help you understand what you’re actually getting in your beauty products. Learn about safety concerns and misconceptions about plant-based ingredients.
  5. Green Your Skin Care Routine. Techniques for establishing a more earth-friendly lifestyle are everywhere these days. Plus, many of these also keep your skin safe and support a sustainable economy. Learn about organic labels, what ingredients to avoid and suggestions for excellent green products to add to your routine.
  6. Ways to Green Your Wardrobe. If you’re going green, why stop at skin care? There are plenty of eco-friendly wardrobe options that don’t sacrifice style — and save you money, while saving the planet. Check out this article for more ways to shop that have little to no impact on the environment.
  7. Green Your Summer Skin Care Routine with 8 Eco-Friendly Finds. In the warmer months, many people prefer a lower-maintenance approach to beauty. Fortunately, there are ways to pare down your skincare routine with easy, natural alternatives. Learn how to protect hair from heat damage, update your sunscreen and get a luminous glow with eco-friendly formulas.
  8. 10 Skin-Boosting Recipes for Spring & Summer. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to experiment with homemade facial treatments. And luckily, you don’t need a lot of money to do it. These easy recipes can help soothe irritation, improve acne and rosacea, boost dull skin and more.
  9. Exercise for Healthier Skin. Along with contributing to your overall well-being, exercise has the added benefit of improving a person’s complexion. Here, you’ll find tips on the best activities for a healthy heart, happy lungs and strong bones. Plus, learn how aerobic activity and weight training contribute to the health of your skin.
  10. Yoga for a Healthy Complexion. Looking for a more relaxing way to get in shape and improve your skin? Yoga boasts a plethora of benefits, from increasing circulation to diminishing stress. Whether you practice a gentle form of yoga or more strenuous, advanced postures, yoga can contribute to a healthier, more radiant complexion. Learn more about this ancient practice and how it can benefit your skin.
  11. How to Create Your Own Face Mask. Sometimes the best ingredients for your skin are the ones you can find in your own kitchen. Want to refine and clear pores, moisturize or exfoliate? Here are easy recipes for facial masks tailor-made to specific skin concerns. Learn how to use everyday staples like egg whites, bananas and brown sugar in skin-boosting concoctions that are both natural and budget-friendly.
  12. The Basics of Body Wraps. A body wrap can be a natural and restorative way to pamper your skin. Using ingredients such as mud, clay and even seaweed, a body wrap can boost well-being in various ways, from hydrating the body to possibly alleviating muscle pain. Here’s the scoop on what to expect, possible benefits and important things to consider before your treatment.
  13. Herbal Extracts in Skin Care. If you’re looking for solutions to common skincare issues like dark circles, sagging skin or puffy eyes, nature can provide some effective remedies. The five powerful herbs featured here have multiple healing properties, from promoting relaxation to brightening the appearance of skin.
  14. 6 Great Essential Oils for Your Skin. Aromatherapy is a centuries-old practice of relieving emotional and physical problems through essential oils. But the benefits of essential oils extend far beyond their scents. With more than 1,000 essential oils to choose from — all extracted from flowers, leaves, fruit, bark, resins and roots of plants — you can find remedies for a variety of skin conditions. Here’s an introduction to six essential oils that are beneficial to the skin.
  15. Essential Oils for Clearing up Acne. Thanks to their natural healing properties, many essential oils are especially helpful in improving acne. Whether you’re trying to balance oily skin or spot-treat pimples, essential oils like lavender, lemon and tea tree oil are ideal options to add to your skincare routine. Here are three recipes that use essential oils to treat acne-prone skin. Plus, get information on how to choose and store your oils.
  16. The Sensational Power of Scent. An overall sense of well-being is vital to any natural beauty regimen. And now science is revealing the merit behind what many cultures have considered common practice for centuries: the use of essential oils to help lift moods and improve emotional health. Here’s a guide to some enticing aromas, such as citrus, mint and vanilla, which can soothe, energize or romance.
  17. Less is More: Natural Makeup. A natural beauty routine isn’t just about eco-friendly ingredients and healthier lifestyle choices. You might also want a more natural look — as in a minimalist approach to makeup. Instead of piling on makeup, which can cover up a woman’s natural beauty, learn how to achieve a naturally radiant look with this simple how-to.
  18. The Beauty of Natural Lashes. Mascara is one way to get full lashes, but what’s the key to preserving the beauty of your natural lashes? Find out why eyelashes fall out and how to encourage growth by taking a few precautions in your daily beauty routine. Plus, get tips on how to condition lashes with natural treatments.
  19. Natural Options for Healthy Hair Growth. Want lush, healthy locks? Whether you were born with fine hair or if thinning is a recent occurrence, there are several natural options for boosting hair growth. Learn what ingredients to look for in hair treatments and shampoos, and find out which products and home remedies help prevent hair loss.
  20. Natural Skin Care for Athletes. Athletes face unique challenges when it comes to skincare. To help combat the effects of an active lifestyle — such as acne, muscle cramps and sunburn — here are 10 natural ingredients to incorporate into your skin care regimen. You’ll also find recommendations for natural products designed to reduce pain, promote hydration and treat blemishes.

No matter what your goals are for creating a greener lifestyle, you’ve got plenty of options. Our Natural Beauty Handbook has got you covered from head to toe, whether you’re looking to make subtle changes in your skincare routine or create a natural overhaul. Take advantage of these 20 articles to try new ingredients, support a healthier planet and reveal your radiant, natural beauty!

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