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Thanks to Whish, women can enjoy a pampering shave experience, with dry skin and razor burn a thing of the past. Using some of the best natural ingredients, Whish also offers luxurious body products. Whether it’s a shave cream or rich body butter, Whish delivers silky smooth skin from head to toe, nourishing and protecting even the most sensitive skin types. Discover Whish’s story and its line of excellent products here.

The story of Whish

The creation of Whish was a matter of necessity and happenstance. Jesse Werner was looking for a solution to his lifelong sensitive skin, after regularly struggling with razor burn and ingrown hairs. He found his antidote in a European cream and shave brush. Soon his wife was sold, too: After borrowing the cream and brush, she declared it “the best shave of her life.” The only drawback was the decidedly masculine and old-fashioned scent. Wasn’t there some way to get all the benefits of the cream-and-brush combo, in a more updated and feminine package?

Werner took on the challenge. With the help of his engineer brother and a top product chemist, his wife’s “Whish” became a reality. And it didn’t stop with shave products. When Werner’s wife requested a line of body products to supplement the unrivaled shaving cream and brushes, Whish evolved into a complete line of scrubs, washes and body butters.

Soft and smooth, naturally

Werner’s research into the world of bathing products revealed that most body cleansers used potentially irritating ingredients. Rather than conform to the norm, Werner chose the natural route with organic ingredients like shea butter, aloe, seaweed and marigold, which proved to be both gentle and effective. Now you can wash, exfoliate, shave, moisturize and pamper your body head to toe with Whish’s line of natural and alluringly sweet-smelling products. Whish offers a spa experience without ever leaving your home.

Whish products

The secret to smooth, beautiful skin is high-quality, effective ingredients. Whish offers products that indulge your skin without the use of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, TEA and DEA — leaving even the most sensitive areas soft and healthy.

  • Wash
    • Three Whishes Body Wash comes in three irresistible scents: pomegranate, lemongrass and almond. Perfect for sensitive skin, Three Whishes Body Wash provides all the lather you need minus the harsh chemicals that sap your skin of necessary moisture. All Three Whishes products are made with wheat, sugar and corn-derived ingredients to cleanse the skin, while organic shea butter, raspberry butter and aloe provide rich moisture. Organic cucumber and marigold complete the formula with their soothing benefits. Use this body wash in either the shower or bath for a luxurious home spa experience.

  • Exfoliate
    • Three Whishes Sugar Scrub treats extremely dry skin with a triple-play of organic moisturizers: shea butter, raspberry butter and aloe. Brown sugar, raspberry seed, organic sugar cane and bamboo powder slough off dead skin cells, and vitamin E extract combines with organic avocado oil to renew and brighten the skin. Try the lemongrass to soothe tired muscles and tone skin. Pomegranate repairs and refreshes, and almond packs a super-moisturizing punch.

  • Shave
    • Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream Pump, also available in pomegranate, lemongrass and almond, nourishes and moisturizes the skin for a close shave without the pesky rash or bumps that often accompany shaving. Unlike most drugstore shaving creams, Shave Crave contains no propane or alcohol, which dries the skin. Emollients like natural squalene and organic shea butter replenish skin with moisture while providing valuable antioxidants. Organic green tea and coconut oil fight free radicals that lead to aging, leaving skin hydrated, soft and supple.

      The Whish Crystal Body Brush and Whish Original Body Brush are your secret weapons for creating the perfect shave. Designed expressly for a woman’s hand, Whish body brushes prep skin for a smooth shave by gently exfoliating the skin. Body brushes are handmade in England from 100% fine badger hair and make a stylish addition to your shaving routine.

  • Moisturize
    • Also available in pomegranate, lemongrass and almond, Three Whishes Body Butter restores lost collagen, firms the skin and detoxifies, while softening even the driest skin. Organic raspberry butter attacks free radicals, and organic rice bran oil purifies pores for firmer, youthful skin. Plus, according to preliminary research, rice bran oil may help prevent skin cancer and improve the efficacy of sunscreen. The non-saponifiable fats in organic shea butter deliver intense moisture in all seasons and for all skin types.

  • Aftershave
    • Whish Shave Savour Aftershave is a non-greasy aftershave treatment that moisturizes, tones and soothes skin. Apply to minor cuts and nicks, or use as a clarifying gel on the entire body, leaving skin beautifully smooth and fragrant. It also comes in pomegranate, almond and lemongrass.

      Whish Flawless Bump Fighter prevents shaving bumps and ingrown hairs, with proven ingredients like willow bark, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and papaya extract, which weakens hair follicles and inhibits future growth. This revolutionary gel soothes and heals irritated skin — perfect for a man’s face and neck, or a woman’s delicate areas like eyebrows, upper lip and bikini line.

Whish products offer everything you need for lusciously soft, smooth skin — without a trip to the spa. So go ahead: Whish for that perfect combination of natural ingredients, heavenly fragrance and gentle pampering. It’s luxury skincare at your fingertips.

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Whish Pomegranate Shave Crave Shaving Cream Pump With its rejuvenating properties, Pomegranate Shave Crave Shaving cream is a revitalizing treat. Blended with antioxidant filled pomegranate oil and gentle glycerin soap, this cream creates an alluringly sweet and lovely smell that protects the body while it repairs and rejuvenates the skin."
Whish Lemongrass Three Whishes Body Wash Turn your shower into an in home spa with Three Whishes Body Wash. Whish has removed all the typical drying ingredients found in most body washes like sulfates and conjured up a powerfully moisturizing alternative."
Whish Pomegranate Three Whishes Sugar Scrub Renew and polish your skin with Three Whishes Sugar Scrub. A unique combination of brown sugar, raspberry seeds, bamboo powder, and organic sugar cane extract combine to create a very pleasant experience. "
Whish Flawless Bump Fighter Whish Flawless Bump Fighter banishes the curse of shaving bumps and ingrown hairs with clinically proven active ingredients. It restores the suppleness of your skin and weakens hair follicles, inhibiting future growth. "
Whish Almond Three Whishes Body Butter This truly indulgent body cream softens and smoothes the skin, while helping replenish and firm with its unique triple antioxidant based formula. It restores lost collagen and detoxifies with all of its powerful anti-oxidants."

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