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From makeup addicts to perfume aficionados, the Internet is filled with beauty fanatics and skincare experts blogging about the latest and greatest in beauty, skin care, fragrance, hair and more. Whether you’re a beauty novice or cosmetic connoisseur, these blogs have something for everyone. Here’s a list of the best beauty blogs to guide you on your way to getting gorgeous. Got a blog you can’t live without that didn’t make it on our list? Tell us about it at

Skincare & beauty

  1. Beauty Research: Smart, sassy and informative, this blog is perfect for adults of all ages who want to know the best way to care for their skin type. The diverse selection of topics includes acne, aging, beauty and even fashion. You not only learn which products to use for a particular skin concern but also why these products work. Beauty Research is co-written by Karen, an esthetician and dermatology nurse with 25 years of experience, and her friend Gina, a self-proclaimed skincare junkie who samples tons of products.
  2. Beauty Beat: Best-suited for teens and young adults, this blog contains a wealth of information on acne, skin types, hair, makeup and natural beauty. Beauty Beat is written by a beauty buff who chronicles her own skincare trials and tribulations. She also blends her experiences with the latest research and expert advice to give readers a complete and sensible perspective on skin care. You'll find everything from how to create an effective skincare routine to how to shape your brows. While many of the topics are ideal for teens, there's plenty of information to help any reader, from dispelling common skincare myths to shopping on a budget and choosing the right ingredients to treat adult acne. Got a skincare question? Beauty Beat will answer every question directly, so readers shouldn't be shy about chiming in!
  3. The Skin Guru: Wouldn't it be great to have a dermatologist's advice and insight just a click away? The Skin Guru makes that possible. This fantastic blog is written by dermatologist Leslie Baumann, M.D., chief of the Division of Cosmetic Dermatology, professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine and author of The Skin Type Solution. Her posts are packed with information that helps you become a smart skincare consumer. Plus, you won't find any jargon—only unbiased, straightforward, engaging posts. Recent posts include "Stem Cells in Skin Creams: Don't Believe the Hype," "10 Must-Have Organic/Natural Products" and "High-Priced Skincare: Is it Worth It?"
  4. Fig + Sage: Green skincare and beauty products are available everywhere these days, but many labels can be misleading. The sisters behind this stunning blog are rigorous researchers, whose mission is to clear up the confusion about natural and organic products. So readers get practical advice and unbiased reviews—without the hype. Plus, Fig + Sage also serves as a comprehensive Web site with posts on fashion, home, kids and deals.
  5. Makeup and Beauty Blog: Beauty addicts of all ages (and budgets) will love learning about new products and reading easy-to-follow tutorials on everything from smoky eyes to sultry lips. Karen, "your friendly neighborhood beauty addict," is a freelance writer and product junkie. She shares her personal beauty experiments along with large color photos showcasing everything from clumpy lashes after a bad mascara trial to a set of sheer shadows smeared onto her hand. Top posts include a video of a "2-minute wide-eyed makeup look" and "10 Fantastic Smoky Eye Tutorials."

Skincare & health

  1. The Dermatology Blog: This blog was created by Jeffrey Benabio, M.D., F.A.A.D., who's written numerous scientific articles and is involved with several professional organizations, including the American Medical Association and the Dermatology Foundation. He offers his expertise on subjects such as skin conditions, cosmetic procedures and the science behind popular products.
  2. The Beauty Brains: Want to understand the confusing, three-syllable words on your product label? Learn whether the hype behind a product is really accurate? This group of hip and witty cosmetic scientists answers your questions about beauty, skin care and hair by going beyond hype and enticing labels to explain the science behind it all.
  3. Future dermatologist and current medical student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Nicki Zevola combines rigorous research from peer-reviewed journals with her personal perspective on everything from products to skin care.
  4. Viva Woman: Viva blogger Sesame mainly focuses on natural beauty, though you'll also find information on commonly misconstrued topics, including whether mineral makeup has harmful effects and what kinds of ingredients actually clog pores. Keep an eye out for DIY beauty tips, giveaways and video tutorials as well.
  5. Skin Care: From habits for healthy skin and tips for beautiful nails to the latest skincare news and product reviews, this blog has a great array of beauty-related information. You'll love the short and snappy posts.
  6. Steeping Beauty: Delphine believes that skin care comes before makeup, a philosophy she adopted while living in Japan. She blogs about skin care, beauty products, candles and hair care along with the occasional post about her original love—tea.
  7. Shake Your Beauty: Beauty writer Tia Williams dishes on skin products, hair and makeup with the savvy know-how of an established insider. This upbeat and informative blog is chock-full of useful reviews and tips, specifically for African-American skin.
  8. Beauty is Boring. Think beauty is boring? Think again! This unique beauty blog by makeup artist and photographer Robin Black features model looks ranging from classic and sophisticated to bold and bizarre (like her "lipstick bandit" makeup mask), along with details on how to create their iconic looks. Take a departure from the norm with expert makeup techniques and products that will help you craft your own creative makeup style.

  9. Skin Care and Beauty: This informative blog covers everything from skincare techniques and product reviews—which are very thorough—to makeup tips and unusual beauty finds (like the FaceTrainer gadget, a mask intended to exercise facial muscles and reduce signs of aging). The Lithuania-based blogger behind Skin Care and Beauty also offers her personal take on skin concerns, such as under-eye circles and post-pregnancy stretch marks.

Makeup & beauty

  1. 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic: Self-proclaimed beauty fanatic Christine isn't a morning person. Giving herself a mere 15 minutes to get ready each morning, she's always on the lookout for effective, easy products. Her no-fuss approach to beauty will appeal to anyone who's ever slept through the alarm clock and doesn't have time for a multi-step routine.
  2. Make Her Up: Wondering what's hot in beauty, whether vibrating mascara wands really work or how to get your hands on an effective anti-aging lotion? Find it all at this top-notch blog along with excellent product reviews and makeup tips.
  3. Blogdorf Goodman: Annieytown loves everything in fashion, fragrance and beauty and gives her readers all of the delicious details. Her blog has been around since 2005, and with good reason: In her well-written, witty posts, she writes about the latest beauty trends and provides comprehensive product reviews, documenting color, texture, application and more.
  4. Beauty Editor: Michelle has been covering the beauty scene in Canada for five years. As a beauty editor, she's edited and written for many women's magazines and talked to tons of experts, including dermatologists and makeup artists. Her blog gives a great insider's view into skin care and beauty.
  5. Beauty Addict: Kristen Kelly's first high school job was at a cosmetics and fragrance counter, and her love for makeup and beauty advice hasn't slowed since. Her posts range from swooning over a new limited-edition shower gel to sharing the science and history behind self-tanners.
  6. Beauty Snob: The "Snob Team" reviews a variety of skincare, hair and beauty products. With such a discerning crew, you can expect only the best of the best to be recommended. The blog also highlights the latest hair and makeup looks at fashion shows and offers commentary on unique beauty trends.
  7. Temptalia: This is truly a comprehensive, user-friendly beauty resource, where readers can find everything from makeup tutorials and product reviews to beauty surveys and giveaways. Temptalia's blogger, Christine, is also known for posting snapshots of her many looks, complete with a shopping list and detailed instructions. Look for the handy grading system at the bottom of most product reviews, followed by a personal recommendation.
  8. Makeup Bag: Erika Valente is a self-professed beauty junkie whose blog includes daily product reviews and lots of beauty advice. There's also a Teen Corner, written by her daughter, which includes style tips and trends.
  9. Beauty Blogging Junkie: Readers will love Amber's sassy, smart commentary and straightforward product reviews. You'll also find fantastic Q&As with famous makeup artists, such as the beauty pros from True Blood and The Twilight Saga: New Moon.
  10. All About the Pretty: This "Southern Girl's Guide to All Things Beautimous" is a classic beauty blog with a variety of valuable reviews along with information on sample sales and discounts.
  11. Kiss & Makeup: Based in the U.K., this blog features short product reviews, how-to videos and industry news. The blog also gives out its own beauty awards with descriptions on why each product deserves the honor and who the product is best suited for.
  12. Bit by the Beauty Bug: "And there's no cure." Sara is a long-time beauty fanatic and provides readers with in-depth reviews for beauty and skincare products along with interviews with beauty experts.
  13. Clumps of Mascara: Brittany of Clumps of Mascara celebrates imperfection with the motto "because everybody ain't there yet." Her posts feature affordable beauty products and detailed product reviews. We especially love her step-by-step beauty application tips with accompanying photos.
  14. The Makeup Girl: Knowing that one color never suited her perfectly, Lianne Farbes's search for the perfect shade led her to learning about custom blending—and a future as a makeup artist. Here, you can keep up with the newest makeup trends and vote for your favorite celebrity looks.
  15. Lipstick Powder N Paint: As these bloggers comb the beauty world for unique products, we get a great variety of product reviews. Reviews are often very detailed, with ratings for a product's multiple facets: color, blendability, longevity and "wow factor."
  16. The Daily Cookie: Along with a plethora of product reviews, this blog also features posts on food, travel and living well. Our favorite posts feature photos of the managing editor's beauty sessions and tips.
  17. Raging Rouge: A makeup addict since age 14, Jen shares her love for all things beauty by providing readers with great product reviews and skincare tips. Plus, she posts promo codes and deals, so be sure to take advantage of these opportunities.
  18. The Beauty of Life: Don't have tons of time to devote to lengthy posts? This blog delivers tidbits on beauty trends along with snappy product reviews and posts on celebrity looks.
  19. The Beauty Alchemist: This blog is a medley of notes on fragrance, hot fashion trends, new beauty collections and tons of discounts on designer perfume, makeup and jewelry.
  20. Jack & Hill: Jackie, a "true beauty obsessive" based in Europe, and Hillary, an L.A. beauty journalist, combine their expertise in this engaging blog. They cover everything from curly hair care and product reviews to celebrity fashion, anti-aging and eyebrow grooming.
  21. Mythbuster Beauty: Jen's blog espouses a great philosophy: We should only welcome things into our home that we really need and love. Thus, she scours the market for the best finds. Because she believes that having glowing, natural skin is the best start to a beautiful face, skin care is top on her list.
  22. Beauty 411: This blog boasts reviews on makeup, tools, trends and anti-aging. You'll get the 411 on what ingredients products contain and how they will (or won't) work for your skin.
  23. Beautiful Makeup Search: Since 2001, beauty expert Teri Cosenzi has been sharing product reviews and the newest beauty information with her readers. You'll find everything from the latest in lipstick technology to natural skin products.
  24. Beauty Beast: Maintained by two best friends, this beauty blog offers up-to-date information on makeup, skin care and fashion. They even have a men's health section.
  25. Beauty Chat Blog: With a team of contributors and varying points of view, the Beauty Chat Blog runs the gamut of topics, including beauty on a budget, product reviews, anti-aging, cosmetic surgery and fashion.
  26. Canadian Beauty: This Canadian beauty blogger brings readers product reviews, news and beauty must-haves. She's even covered Fashion Week in Toronto, so you'll find a full range of both beauty and fashion trends.
  27. Hooked on Beauty: A 12-year veteran of the beauty industry, this makeup artist has tried it all and gives readers an unbiased perspective on the latest products. Plus, she includes how-to beauty videos.
  28. Cinnamon Kitten: Owner of about 75 lipsticks (and counting), this Toronto-based blogger is definitely a beauty fanatic. Stephanie delivers the latest product reviews, dishing out the pros ("to purr about"), the cons ("claws out") and ratings out of 5 paws.
  29. The Beauty Bunny: In her engaging, punchy posts, Cailin shares excellent how-tos and reviews makeup, skincare and hair care products. She also includes beauty news and tips from and inspired by celebrities.
  30. For the Love of Beauty: Roxy features a bevy of beauty product reviews and trends along with great tips on recreating celeb styles. For instance, one of our favorite posts included details—and beautiful photos—of the stars' looks at the Golden Globes.
  31. Spoiled Pretty: Daneen finds the products "that spoil you pretty" in this well-written blog. Here's an outstanding example: In "Product Polygamy," she features several beauty options using the characters from Big Love.
  32. Miss Malcontent Seeks Truth in Beauty: Get the scoop on skincare and beauty products from an anonymous London-based beauty editor, who promises to be "100% objective, 100% of the time." Though it isn't updated frequently, this blog provides a unique perspective (with raw honesty) from a beauty insider.
  33. SugarShock: Like to be at the avant-garde of style and beauty trends? Get your fix with SugarShock, a daily blog dedicated to reviewing under-the-radar beauty products and cutting-edge runway looks. This blogger's style is both informed and conversational, offering humorous pop culture commentary along with sophisticated tips on hair, skin and makeup. Look for the "Face of the Day" and "Styleshock" photos deconstructing various celebrity and runway looks.
  34. Beauty Guerrillas: Written by a beauty journalist who "practically eats lip gloss for breakfast" and a freelance journo "with enough face creams to wallpaper the hall," this blog is a fun read with great product reviews. We love that these bloggers heavily test any product or treatment they mention.
  35. A Beauty Geek: Self-labeled "beauty geek" Janine Falcon loves learning the ins and outs of skin care and beauty, including how ingredients work, why they work and which ones work best. As a former beauty magazine editor and makeup artist, Janine focuses her blog on "solution-oriented beauty for all ages." She promises to earn you compliments on everything from radiant skin to eye-catching hair and makeup.

Beauty on a budget

  1. Fabuless Beauty: This discount diva samples a little bit of everything. Find coupons for free makeup samples, limited-edition gift sets and where to buy beauty products for only $1. There's also a category called "Is it worth it?" which puts pricier products to the test.
  2. Free 4 Beauty: Beauty blogger Angela created Free 4 Beauty to provide budget-friendly options for fellow makeup addicts in a shaky economy. Check out the blog for sales, coupons and giveaways featuring everything from nail polish to cosmetics and accessories.
  3. Makeup Masala: Toma from Chicago has created an eye-catching array of product reviews and beauty news. Here, you'll find new bargain Web sites, learn about limited-edition beauty steals and get to participate in polls and monthly giveaways.
  4. Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget: Courtney is an esthetician and makeup artist whose beauty steals include makeup, jewelry, hair accessories, clothing and reasonably-priced natural brands. You'll also find occasional reviews on more expensive products along with personal posts.

Mom & mature skin

  1. Fabulous Over 40: Kari Solyntjes gives women over 40 practical beauty advice. Her blog focuses on age-appropriate beauty tips along with product research and expert interviews. You'll even find a "Beauty on a Budget" column with lots of great bargains and products.
  2. A Mom in Red High Heels: Tammy, a mom of two, loves her red high heels and uses them as a symbol of self-confidence in empowering moms to "look great and feel fabulous." She accomplishes her mission by featuring product reviews, profiles of real moms, fashion and makeup tips, celeb beauty, green goodies and much more.
  3. Beauty in Real Life: Jennifer and Christine are 30-something moms who have a passion for all things beauty and a strong belief that looking fabulous shouldn't cost a fortune. You'll find a plethora of product reviews, beauty tips and interviews (even one with Angela Kinsey of The Office!).
  4. The Fashionable Housewife: Sarah-Jean Ballard created this blog for fashionistas with discerning tastes who don't have time for "celebrity gossip and prissy blogs." The Fashionable Housewife is your one-stop shop for fashion tips, recent trends and budget-friendly buys.
  5. A Girl's Gotta Spa: Career woman and mother of four Shannon started this blog "to connect her love of beauty products with reviews that consumers could relate to." Well-written and engaging, this blog is true to its goal: Reading it feels like you're talking to a smart, funny friend who's savvy about skin care.
  6. One Chic Mama: This is an all-inclusive lifestyle blog for moms who believe that style shouldn't be put on the backburner. Mary Michele Little, a professional stylist and personal image consultant, blogs about beauty and style for moms. Her posts include clothes for little ones, tips for affordable relaxation and how to be a stylish mom without breaking the bank.
  7. Older Girl Beauty: Written by a 30-something, full-time working mom in Oklahoma, Older Girl Beauty offers beauty news and reviews tailored to 30+ women who still have "a girl inside wanting to play in the makeup." She also reports from the frontlines of the beauty industry at events like Beauty Summit, NYC Fashion Week and The Makeup Show.
  8. Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains: This mother-daughter team delivers the latest in beauty and fashion along with smart product reviews. Mature readers will love the blog's philosophy, which aims to shrink the stigma of aging. You'll also find tips on health, working out, wellness and beauty on a budget.
  9. RN Guide to Skin Care: As a registered nurse and woman over 40, Suzanne is passionate about bringing readers accurate information about anti-aging products. You'll find loads of product reviews and recommended products, as well as informative posts on skin conditions and skincare ingredients.
  10. Aging Fabulous: Whether you're in your 30s or 50s, this blog is a worthwhile read. There are many reviews of both anti-aging beauty and skincare products along with ageless advice.

Natural beauty

  1. The Organic Beauty Expert: Looking for straightforward information about natural skin care? Natural beauty expert Andrea Kane shares her knowledge on all things green and eco-friendly. From complete product reviews and expert interviews to natural treatments and beauty news, you'll find a variety of valuable posts.
  2. Beauty Secrets Revealed: Leon has been experimenting and researching natural skin care since high school. Her posts include DIY recipes for skin, lip, nail and hair care, as well as organic product reviews and how-to video tutorials.
  3. Blades Natural Beauty: Founder Jess Blades promises that you'll "never again choose between health and beauty." As a professional makeup artist and beauty consultant, she is dedicated to using the best natural and organic products. Her blog highlights DIY natural beauty treatments, eco-friendly fashion trends, books on natural beauty and makeup tips.
  4. The Mean Green Beauty Machine: Jules lives in New Zealand and covers just about everything green: makeup, skin care, sunscreen, hair products, travel-size products and even insect repellants. While the products she recommends may be costly, she always suggests several products of varying prices in her posts.
  5. The Green Makeup Artist: As a green makeup artist, Aimee offers her readers a wealth of insight into all things natural. Her detailed posts feature tutorials and tips for creating beautiful looks using natural products. She includes a full list of ingredients with each product and delves into why each one deserves a spot on our bathroom counters.
  6. Pretty By Nature: If you're looking for great eco-friendly finds, this blog can help. It features a variety of eco-friendly products, from natural skin care and beauty to green jewelry and clothes. Plus, you'll learn about the latest beauty news and trends.
  7. Beauty Blabber: For makeup lovers looking for a beauty boost without harming the planet, Beauty Blabber offers a full range of reviews, tips, interviews and industry news centering around a holistic lifestyle. Look for the "Quote of the Day" from celebrities sharing their take on inner beauty.

Cosmetic surgery

  1. Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery: Written by board-certified plastic surgeon Tony Youn, M.D., this fantastic blog explores celebrities' ever-changing appearances. His blog gives readers an inside perspective and makes us laugh—all blog qualities we love!
  2. In Your Face: Truly informative, this blog covers the latest in cosmetic surgery, with everything from which celebrities may have had a particular treatment to surgery-related news. It also discusses how various treatments work and how much they cost.
  3. Plastic Surgery 101: Double board-certified plastic surgeon Rob Oliver Jr., M.D., reports on everything from the latest in cosmetic surgery to healthcare reform in this interesting blog. He peppers his posts with humorous cartoons, anecdotes and celeb commentary.
  4. PSP Blog: This blog is maintained by Jeff Frentzen, editor of Plastic Surgery Practice (PSP), a magazine for plastic surgeons. His posts provide a wealth of information on the latest in the field of plastic surgery, including recent controversies and ground-breaking treatments.
  5. Good Plastic Surgery: Want to know which celebs have gone under the knife? This blog "outs" those in Hollywood who might've bought their beauty, and also those who are all-natural.


  1. Louis Licari: Hair and There: Who wouldn't want to get advice from a renowned colorist who owns two successful salons? Louis Licari features a variety of tips and trends along with videos from his gorgeous Today Show's "Ambush Makeovers," which provide great inspiration to transform your own look.
  2. Hair Thursday: Got a hairstyle or color dilemma? Sarah, who some have called a "hair savant," can help. Send her a photo of yourself and she'll help you pick a hairstyle by posting two celebrity options and polling her readers. She and her great hair advice have even been featured on Rachael Ray!
  3. Balding Blog: Hair loss is a sensitive subject, and tons of treatments claim to help. Get the truth from two distinguished hair restoration experts: William R. Rassman, M.D., medical director and founder of the New Hair Institute, and Jae Pak, M.D., a former engineer and now a doctor at the Institute.
  4. Hair Care: A seasoned beauty expert, Aly Walansky provides the latest on hair trends, accessories, styling tips, celeb manes and more.
  5. No-poo Jillipoo: Got unruly, curly locks? Want advice to tame and enhance your tresses? Written by a fellow curly-haired gal, this blog is all about finding fabulous products and sharing valuable tips, so you can finally love your curls.

Younger beauties

  1. Beauty Fool: Renee, the 20-year-old blogger behind this gorgeous blog, hopes "to educate, entertain and help out fellow beauty 'fools.'" She does just that! Her blog features a variety of posts, including how-tos, product reviews and the latest beauty news. She also blogs about health, wellness and self image.
  2. Neon Bible: Fresh out of college, this blogger knows how to work within her budget while still looking and feeling fabulous. In addition to her favorite cheap finds, she offers advice on low-maintenance hairstyles, bargain shoes and celebrity styles.
  3. Bare Budget Beauty: JennBee is a college student who isn't going to let a lack of money (or time!) get in the way of her love for makeup and beauty. She routinely rakes through retailers, both online and in-store, to find the best of the best beauty products.

  4. Skin Deco: From product reviews and makeup tips to a variety of tutorials and DIY beauty, this blog is packed with valuable information for younger beauties. Our fave posts are her makeup tutorials, which include eye-catching "after" photos and detailed lists of products used.
  5. The Pink Train Case: Tanya is a 20-something beauty blogger whose posts are a mix of personal experiences and product reviews (with tons of photos). We love that she typically features inexpensive products.
  6. A Beautyful Sentiment: This blog includes product reviews of cosmetics and skin care. You'll even find an entire series—with great "after" photos—devoted to reviewing various mascaras.


  1. Bois de Jasmin: Victoria's favorite scent is the "aroma of jasmine in the warm evening air" that pervaded her childhood, and her blog reflects this nostalgic taste. With a background in chemistry and economics, she's fascinated not only with the complexity of beautiful fragrances, but also the materials and process involved in creating a perfume. Her blog includes interviews with perfumers, fragrance reviews and "Flavor and Fragrance" recipe ideas.
  2. Fragrance Bouquet: In each review, Divina tells the story behind the featured perfume, including information about the designer, her impressions and descriptions of the scent. Her posts are poetic and boast a wealth of olfactory knowledge. You find out something interesting with each excellent post!
  3. The Scented Salamander: Marie-Helene Wagner's perfume reviews don't just offer her opinion; they deliver an intriguing look at the fragrance's inception along with other fascinating tidbits. You'll also find savvy shopping ideas and tips for finding the right fragrance.
  4. 1000 Fragrances: Want to delve deeper into the art and history of fragrance? Octavian Sever Coifan is a fragrance historian and writer in Paris whose perspective and expertise make for a unique and revealing glimpse at the perfume industry.
  5. Now Smell This: Here, you'll find a blend of reviews, product recommendations, tips on shopping for perfume and information on scented products for the home. Plus, readers will learn everything about perfume, thanks to the glossary, FAQs and top-notch posts.
  6. Perfume-Smellin' Things: Readers will love these beautifully written descriptions and reviews of various scents. Each post is a small quest in the never-ending adventure of discovering that elusive perfect perfume.
  7. Pink Manhattan: Sali Oguri is a singer and songwriter. With her blog, you get a "sensorium of song and scent," as she puts it. Well-versed in perfume knowledge, she's able to draw comparisons between a handful of fragrances to give you a taste of what a particular fragrance evokes.
  8. Perfume Posse: Three bloggers offer their unique, sharp perspectives on perfume with posts that go beyond a list of the newest fragrances. You'll receive an insider's look into perfumes, the basics on scents ("perfume 101") and advanced advice ("perfume 201").
  9. Perfume Shrine: Erudite perfume lover Elena features fragrance reviews and news, interviews with perfumers and insiders, plus memoir-style reflections on art and travel. Readers get the opportunity to delve into the history of fragrances and become captivated in the beautiful details of traditional and exotic scents.
  10. The Vintage Perfume Vault: With this elegant blog, you enter the intriguing world of vintage perfumes, complete with stunning images, historical accounts and reviews. Amelia breaks down the individual scents in each fragrance to describe the subtle nuances behind classic brands like Givenchy and Chanel, as well as lesser-known "lost perfumes" from smaller perfume houses.
  11. Scent Hive: Scent Hive creator Trish devotes most of her posts to natural and organic perfumes. She offers sweet-smelling gift ideas, reviews of perfume boutiques and exhibits, plus occasional reviews of green beauty products. Scattered throughout the blog you’ll find art, photography and poetry to stimulate your senses. Look for tips on “greening your hive,” featuring a list of beauty product ingredients to avoid.

Specialty blogs

  1. Bath & Body: Need some pampering? This blog features reviews of the latest luxurious products, from body scrubs and masks to hand and décolleté creams. Plus, you'll find great recipes for skin treatments (a recent post provides three simple honey recipes).
  2. All Lacquered Up: Are you a nail polish buff? Turn to this blog for the latest in lacquer with posts on nail trends, product reviews and insider interviews.
  3. Girl Gloss: For anyone addicted to lip gloss, lipstick or balm, this is a fun look at the many products that help us beautify our pouts. A variety of lip products are featured, from natural/organic options to plumpers and lip scrubs.


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