Q: Does hydrogen peroxide lighten dark spots on the skin?

A: While there are home remedies for correcting pigmentation that call for hydrogen peroxide, it’s best to talk to a doctor before trying these treatments.

Q: Is it safe to apply hydrogen peroxide to skin?

A: Yes, some people use hydrogen peroxide that’s been diluted in a 3 percent water solution to treat minor burns and scrapes. Because hydrogen peroxide kills healthy skin cells, many doctors recommend using other antiseptics for better results.

Q: Will hydrogen peroxide interact with other ingredients?

A: When using a treatment that contains hydrogen peroxide, avoid hydroquinone — a potent ingredient that’s used to lighten skin. Combining both may lead to skin irritation.

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You shouldn’t need a degree in chemistry to understand common skincare ingredients. At Skincare-News, we strive to give you simple facts so you’re well-aware of the ingredients in your skincare products. Here’s a clear-cut look at hydrogen peroxide, a common chemical that’s found in a variety of products.

What is it?

Hydrogen peroxide (H 2O 2) is a member of the family of chemicals known as peroxides, which includes benzoyl and carbamide peroxide. A powerful bleaching agent and detergent, hydrogen peroxide is used in a variety of personal care products. Hydrogen peroxide is a common ingredient in blonde hair coloring products, as it effectively reacts with the melanin in hair to produce a lighter color, according to About chemistry expert, Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D.

In addition to lightening hair, hydrogen peroxide is a common ingredient that treats the following conditions:

  • Acne. Hydrogen peroxide helps reduce the appearance of unwanted blemishes and bumps by killing the bacteria that causes acne. However, long-term use may slow down the healing process, according to the blog, Daily Beauty.
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  • Teeth discoloration. At-home teeth whitening systems often contain hydrogen peroxide to erase stains from discolored teeth. Although these treatments are effective, overuse of whiteners can have an adverse effect on teeth. Follow directions carefully and whiten teeth under your dentist’s supervision.
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  • Minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Although hydrogen peroxide has long been a standby for quickly disinfecting minor scrapes and cuts, doctors note that this method is outdated. In Prevention magazine, David Goldberg, M.D., explains that even though hydrogen peroxide effectively attacks unwanted bacteria, it also kills healthy skin cells — which can delay healing.
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  • Body odor. WebMD points out that hydrogen peroxide is a great way to banish body odor. Simply combine one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide with eight ounces of water and apply to affected areas to kill odor-causing bacteria.

In addition, hydrogen peroxide comes in handy when trying to cover up mistakes made when applying self-tanner. Simply use a cotton ball to apply hydrogen peroxide directly to the skin to clean streaks and blend hard lines, Melanie Towne, tanning salon owner, tells the Bend Bulletin.

Safety concerns

If you have sensitivity to hydrogen peroxide, check with your doctor before applying any skincare product that contains this common chemical. Also, keep in mind that a small amount of hydrogen peroxide can cause yellow staining on the skin and clothes, so take caution when using it and be sure to wash hands carefully afterwards. Finally, follow directions and contact a doctor immediately if you notice any strange side effects.

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