Q: I need a quick and easy summer up-do for my long hair. I’m looking for something that will last all day and doesn’t look too polished. What kind of hairstyle do you suggest?

A: Try a tousled topknot. This style is ideal for women with long hair, can transition seamlessly from casual to more formal occasions and is easy to pull off. Before heading out the door, spritz your hair with a maximum hold hairspray such as Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Hairspray that will fight the frizz-inducing humidity of summer.

Q: I have spider veins and generally avoid swimsuits, but I want to enjoy the water this summer. How can I cover up the veins with a product that won’t wash or sweat off?

A: There’s no need to avoid your swimsuit anymore. Waterproof your skin and conceal imperfections such as spider veins, scars and stretch marks using the revolutionary, lightweight and long-lasting Dermablend Leg and Body Cover. With built-in SPF 15 and maximum coverage for up to 16 hours, this is a must-have summertime product.

Q: My skin is dry and fair, but I’ve had a hard time finding a bronzing stick that looks natural. Can you recommend one that will blend well into my skin without an artificial shimmer?

A: Creamy, natural looking bronzers can be tricky to find. It’s particularly important to select one that won’t have a drying effect on already parched skin. Vincent Longo Hydro Stick in Gold Solare is a refreshing, water-based formula that’s highly pigmented for a long-lasting beach glow. Plus, this bronzing stick is a snap to use at home or on the go.

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Every beach beauty knows that a well-packed tote is the secret to a successful day spent lounging under the sun’s warm – but harsh and potentially damaging – rays. This summer, flex your know-how and load up a beach bag full of nourishing products for your hair and skin. What are the essentials for a relaxing and well-protected summer day? Read on to discover our basic checklist of must-have hot weather items to help you stay healthy and gorgeous from head to toe.

Whether you’re spending the afternoon poolside or lounging at the beach for the day, a well-stocked beach bag is essential to making the most of your experience. From body oils to tinted lip balms, show off your beauty IQ by reaching for dual-purpose products that will take up the minimum amount of space in your tote, while offering the maximum amount of protection for your hair and skin. With the 12 items included here, you can take on the most sweltering of days spent by the water without breaking a sweat.

Sensual, hydrated skin

The sun can do a hefty amount of long-term damage to your skin, but it can also cause unsightly short-term damage. From redness and blotchiness to dehydration, even brief sun exposure can leave a mark. Don’t forget to pack the following items in your beach bag to avoid costly sunburn and irritations.

  • Protect. When it comes to your skin, a good defensive strategy will prove much more effective than after-the-fact  treatments. Try a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF such as SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50 - its formula performs dual functions by naturally enhancing and evening out your skin tone.

  • Pamper. Indulge your skin with scented  body oil. Look for one that will infuse much-needed moisture, while imparting a delicate fragrance such as Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Oil, which will also calm irritated skin. For a luxurious midday refresher that will remove harsh sand, salt or chlorine, try hydrating wipes for the face, neck and body. Reach for a product that will remove impurities and keep your pores clear like The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Gentle Facial  Cleansing Wipes.

  • Hydrate. Despite your best efforts to protect your skin, the sun can have a drying effect that puts a damper on your summer fun. While a good moisturizer is a necessary step to counteract dryness, not all lotions are created equal. Look for one with high quality, active ingredients that will easily absorb into your skin. Try Bliss’s grapefruit + aloe body butter, a coconut oil and aloe based moisturizer that helps prevent inflammation from sunburn and softens skin without the greasy residue.

Heavenly beach hair

While most of us are inclined to protect our skin from the damaging effects of the heat and sun, too often we forget to give our hair the attention it deserves. The sun, in combination with saltwater and chlorine, can strip tresses of moisture and sap color, leaving hair lackluster and straw-like. To avoid destroying delicate and color-treated hair, look for products that  provide both sun protection and moisture.

  • Protect. Sunscreen is a valuable defense for the hair and scalp, not just the skin. As science advances, leave-in conditioners are emerging that aid in safeguarding and extending the life of costly color services. Keep an eye out for one that is multi-functional, such as Quintessence Q-Sunshade Leave In Hair  Conditioner and Scalp Protectant SPF 30, whose natural oils will aid in renewing your sun-damaged tresses - and just like your skin, don’t forget to reapply sun protection every two hours or after you swim or sweat.

  • Pamper. Treat your tresses to an infusion of moisture with Shea Terra Organics 100% Pure Moroccan Argan  Oil. Packed full of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, this oil will nourish your hair  and impart lasting shine. It also coats the hair shafts, preventing damage from salt-water and chlorine. To give your hair easy-breezy shore-side style, reach for John Masters Organics Sea Mist With Lavender. The addition of lavender oil will softly scent your hair and add much-needed hydration.

  • Hydrate. Your hair will inevitably suffer a certain amount of damage due to the sun. Minimize the destruction and  maintain luster by adding a surge of moisture with a leave-in conditioner such as Phyto Phytomist Color Protect Radiance Mist, which will repair and protect your hair from the sun.

Stay vibrant with summer colors

Heavy makeup looks - and feels - out of place when you’re relaxing by the water. Instead of following your usual regimen, reach for items that offer a subtle tint of color and play double duty on hot days. Let go of looking too put together, and instead go for a slightly tousled look. Throw these items  into your tote to achieve a carefree, sun-kissed vibe that’s still polished and gorgeous for the day ahead.

  • Protect. A bold makeup palette can lead  to warm weather disaster, but venturing out with a pale face can look ghostly on a bright day. For the lips, start with an understated hint of color combined with moisture and protection, using a tinted formula such as Supergoop AcaiFusion SPF 30 Lip Balm in  Sheer Pink. Free of parabens and offering SPF protection and hydrating shea butter, this lip balm can help soothe and soften lips on land and in water.

  • Pamper. When it comes to looking pulled together without a lot of makeup, the secret is in the eyes. Mascara can open up and frame tired eyes, making them appear larger and creating an overall more polished appearance. However, there’s nothing sexy about raccoon eyes, so make sure you select a long-lasting formula that’s hydrating as well as waterproof, such as LashFood Conditioning Waterproof Drama  Mascara.

  • Hydrate. A tinted moisturizer with added SPF is the perfect multi-tasking product for a long summer day. Reach for a formula with barely-there color and a dewy finish like Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad  Spectrum SPF 30. To add a fresh, rosy look to your cheeks, reach for Nars The Multiple Multi-Purpose Stick. With its velvety soft texture  and delicate color, this foolproof, cream-based blush creates a luminous and effortlessly  flawless complexion. Together, these two must-have items can give you the suppleness and radiance of a true beach beauty.

Maintaining health and vitality from head to toe, while basking in the heat of the sun, can seem like an impossible achievement - but it’s actually quite simple if you pack your beach bag full of the essential items rounded up here. This year, be summer savvy as you cool off by the water. Show  off your bright side - without risking your skin - by implementing these multipurpose products into your shore-side hair and skin regimen.


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Supergoop AcaiFusion SPF 30 Lip Balm - Sheer Pink Fusion Lip Balms provide a unique, high SPF 30 lip balm solution to protect against broad-spectrum UV rays in a super-antioxidant and regenerative formulation."
SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50 Paraben-free and safe for even very sensitive skin, the photo protection in this formula is boosted with Artemia Salina, a plankton extract which helps build skin’s natural defense and resistance to UV and heat stress."
Phyto Phytomist Color Protect Radiance Mist Formulated with Sunflower extracts, Red Algae, and White Lotus Flowers, Phytomist hydrates, repairs and protects hair from the damaging effects of color treatments and environmental stresses."
LashFood Conditioning Waterproof Drama Mascara - Black Conditioning Waterproof Drama Mascara creates length and volume that will outlast through the entire day. This mascara can handle the wear and tear of everyday life, leaving one less thing to worry about."
Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Oil Rose Body Oil combines Damask Rose Extract and essential oil to balance and harmonize, soothing and calming irritated skin while helping to soothe the senses. "

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