Q: I color my hair regularly, and it tends to look dry and dull in the summertime. Are there tips to keeping it healthy all year long?

A: Colored hair is susceptible to damage, particularly in the summer months when heat and humidity are unavoidable. Make a habit out of wearing hats and scarves to cover your hair in the sun, and use SPF hair products such as Quintessence Q-Sunshade Leave In Hair Conditioner and Scalp Protectant SPF 30. Give your hair some extra TLC in the summer with a conditioning treatment like Alterna BAMBOO UV Color Protection Rehab Deep Hydration Masque to keep strands smooth and hydrated. To prevent color from fading, add Alterna BAMBOO UV Color Protection Fade-Proof Fluide to your daily routine.

Q: I have long, straight hair that gets tangled easily. Is there an easy haircut that works for my hair texture, especially in warmer weather?

A: The bob is a classic style that appeared on the latest fashion runways and is adaptable to almost any texture. Ask your stylist whether a smooth, polished bob or one that’s choppy and textured works better for your hair type. For daily styling, start with a thickening treatment like Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Instant Hair Thickening and Straightening Serum. Hair expert Errol Douglas tells Glamour UK that the secret to a gorgeous bob is “all in the cut. After that, keep product to a minimum and build in the body and shine with a rough dry that is speedy and locks in moisture." Want something more dramatic? Spring for a cutting-edge pixie cut that’ll keep you extra cool in hot weather.

Q: I have thick, messy hair that’s hard to style. How do I look polished rather than careless, without spending a lot of time and energy on my hair?

A: Embrace your natural hair type with one of the season’s hottest – and easiest – hair trends: laid-back mermaid waves. For ultra-low maintenance waves, use a leave-in conditioner like Philip B Lovin' Leave-In Conditioning Creme and braid hair into one or two plaits before going to bed at night. Undo the braids in the morning and run your fingers through your hair, applying a lightweight treatment such as Alterna BAMBOO Beach Summer Sunshine Spray to eliminate any frizz and enhance shine. If you need something more professional for the office or a special occasion, opt for a chic, low ponytail secured at the nape of the neck. Even unruly hair types can master this glossy, sophisticated look with the help of a finishing spray like Alterna BAMBOO Shine Luminous Shine Mist.

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Tired of futile attempts to tame or transform your hair? Working with your natural hair texture will put an end to frustrating battles. From getting the right cut to prepping and styling your mane, learn how to cater to your unique hair type and texture with these tips for fine, wavy and coarse hair.

The key to maintaining healthy, gorgeous hair is to first understand your hair type – and then choose your haircut and styling routine accordingly. Whether you’re working with a stick-straight mane or thick, curly locks, begin with a well-structured haircut. Seek out a stylist who has experience with your particular hair type and can recommend specific cuts and styles to suit your texture. Read on for a simple how-to-guide for nurturing and enhancing your natural texture, including product recommendations and simple styling tips from the experts.

Fine, straight hair

Building volume in fine hair requires a stylist with an expert hand to cut well-placed layers. Fortunately, injecting some bounce into straight hair is a snap with the right styling prep. With this hair texture, you’ll find that the less fuss the better.

  • Styling tricks. When styling fine hair, start with a “rough dry.” A rough blow dry requires minimal effort – just flip your head upside down while drying to build upon and enhance your hair’s natural body, focusing on the roots first and working your fingers through to the ends. Finish the look by smoothing and polishing the tips with a large, high quality round brush such as Spornette’s 3-inch Italian Round Brush.

Medium textured, wavy hair

Enhancing waves in medium textured hair requires a skilled craftsman. Seek out a stylist who’s adept with both a razor and scissors. Using a razor on wavy tresses can create lightness and add form to an otherwise weighted down or shapeless style. Unlike straight hair, wavy hair needs a bit of coaxing to encourage it to behave. Find a product regimen that works for you and stick to it.

  • Wash and prep. The right shampoo and conditioner are crucial to the success of your wavy hairstyle. While infusing moisture is vital, it’s necessary to strike a balance with your natural oils, so that you don’t weigh down your existing wave and body. To maintain moisture and manageability, try the Frederic Fekkai Essential Shea Duo, specially formulated for thick, dry and unruly hair types. Apply the conditioner from the mid lengths to the ends, staying off of the roots to avoid flat, lifeless locks. Towel dry your hair and evenly distribute Davines Melu Thermal Protecting Shield, which will act as a barrier to heat and styling tools to help preserve the health of your hair. Finish with Kerastase K Spray a Poter Tousled Effect Spray through the mid lengths and ends of your hair, for a tousled look that lasts all day.
  • Styling tricks. To blow dry your wavy hair, begin with a boar bristle brush such as Earth Therapeutics Natural Bristle Cushion Brush, to polish and smooth the root and bang area. Blow dry with the nozzle pointed downward so that the airflow smoothes the crown of your hair and reduces frizz, finger drying the mid lengths and ends. To refine your waves, use a one to two inch curling wand such as the Remington TStudio Silk Ceramic Wide Curling Wand. For a natural look, the wave should begin at your ear and end about two inches from the tips of your hair. Frame your face by twisting random strands around the curling iron, giving your waves a natural carelessness and discouraging them from clumping together. Rub a nickel-sized amount of Davines Melu Serum between your palms and carefully scrunch into the ends of the hair to refine, seal and repair the tips.

Coarse, curly hair

The precision and expertise of your hair stylist is the most crucial element in the success of your curly hairstyle. Seek out a craftsman who is knowledgeable and practiced in the art of curls. While a head full of curls can seem intimidating to tame, it’s actually the most hands-off style to master. With the correct products and a low-key approach, curls can be a delight to wear and simple to maintain.

  • Styling tricks. Resist the urge to over-style curly hair. Touching or adding heat to curly hair as it dries will expand its shape and pull apart your curls. If possible, allow your curls to air dry. If this isn’t an option, use a diffuser such as the Conair Brush Euro Style Diffuser on your blow dryer. Gently lift the tips of your hair to the mid lengths as you diffuse. Blow dry until hair is 50-75% dry, with the airflow pointed down so that your curls don’t unlock and appear frizzy. Once completely dry, add a shine mist such as Davines Defining Gloss. This will give your hair a soft, reflective quality while still allowing it to move freely. Pushing from the bottom upward, lightly squeeze curls to break up any product. 

It can be tempting to over-manipulate your natural hair texture – but this can actually get in the way of healthy, lustrous locks. The key to gorgeous hair lies in identifying your natural texture and becoming educated in simple methods that nurture that texture. When you learn to accept and work with your natural mane, the results are not only striking but generate far less frustration in your daily life. The products, tips and tricks recommended here will help lead you to a stress-free relationship with your hair while allowing your natural beauty to shine.


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