Q: My sensitive skin reacts to all kinds of products, and I’m tired of trying new products in search of formulas that aren’t irritating! What should I look for that won’t make my skin condition worse?

A: Unfortunately, there isn’t one simple method for finding the right products for your skin. Your best bet is to try different formulas and note reactions so you can look for potentially irritating ingredients. However, if you think that you’re allergic to a few specific ingredients, a skin doctor can do a patch test to determine if there are definite allergies, which can save you (and your skin) a lot of trouble.

Q: I have an itchy scalp, and I’m not sure what condition I have. I think it’s either scalp folliculitis or scalp acne; how are they different?

A: Both conditions cause pimples and pustules on the scalp, which can be red and sore. These pimples are caused by clogged hair follicles. The biggest difference is that folliculitis refers to an infection, either fungal or bacterial, that must be treated with an antibiotic or anti-fungal treatment – a doctor will tell you which. Regular scalp acne can be treated with over-the-counter treatment products such as shampoos and spot treatments.

Q: I’ve been looking into doing a Brazilian blow dry, but it’s pricey; how long does it last? I’m not sure if I can justify the cost!

A: Treatments cost a few hundred dollars, but if you have curly or wavy hair that you style every day, the time you can save doing your hair every morning could be worth the high price tag. A Brazilian blow-dry works by infusing keratin into the hair strands and then blow-drying, which not only cuts frizz but also leaves hair healthier. Each treatment lasts about four months – and you’re also saving your hair from four months worth of damaging heat styling treatments!

Q: I’ve heard a lot about how skin can change during menopause, but I don’t really understand the cause. Why is my skin breaking out for the first time since puberty?

A: Similar to the changes taking place in your body during puberty, hormones are responsible for the wide array of skin concerns women face during menopause. One of the most frustrating concerns is adult acne – which happens because of increasing testosterone levels. Skincare products designed to treat adult acne are a good place to start, or see a dermatologist to diagnose your particular skin condition.

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Looking for important tips and tricks to improve your skin care, hair care and makeup regimens? We’ve combed the archives of articles published over the past year to find the most useful and relevant information for a wide array of beauty topics. Revisit articles you’ve already read, or peruse some of the articles you missed in our handbook of top articles from 2012.

Can you ever have too much beauty knowledge? In the quest for reliable and cutting-edge information about caring for your hair and skin, it helps to have a one-stop source for beauty guidance. In this article, you’ll revisit our highlights from the past year, which include articles about basic skincare tips, caring for sensitive skin, skin care and beauty during menopause, causes and treatments for scalp conditions, beauty blog reviews and more. Use this handbook to kick-start your year and revamp your beauty habits in 2013.

  1. Timeless Beauty and Fashion Tips: Younger-Looking Skin and Anti-Aging Secrets

  2. It’s easy to think that younger-looking skin is entirely a result of the products you use, but your beauty habits are just as important as the quality of your anti-aging formulas. In addition to the basics – like creating a daily regimen that works for your skin type – learn how small details like hair color, makeup choices and even fashion can keep you looking and feeling younger.

  3. Sensitive Skin Essentials: An Everyday Guide to Sensitive Skin Care

  4. Caring for your complexion can be especially complicated if you’re dealing with sensitive skin. If you’ve been diagnosed with a condition like acne or rosacea, or frequently experience allergic reactions after using new products, it’s time to take a critical look at your daily regimen and skincare products. This article will help you understand how diet, environmental factors and skincare ingredients affect the health of your skin.

  5. Menopause and Beauty Handbook

  6. You’re probably already aware that skin changes during menopause, but understanding how to alter your skincare regimen to address such a wide array of conditions can be a challenge. In this handbook, you’ll find information on the full spectrum of menopausal skin concerns – from dryness and dehydration to adult acne and rosacea. The articles included in this e-book will help make the transition a little easier and give you tips on where to start for maintaining clear, healthy and youthful skin through menopause.

  7. Anti-Aging Sun Damage Prevention: 5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Skin

  8. When it comes to protecting your skin, how do your skincare habits measure up? Wearing sunscreen is important, but it’s only part of the equation. Learn how to incorporate multiple forms of protection, such as antioxidants and vitamins, and preserve your skin’s youth for years to come. You’ll also find tips on sun-safe fashion items and easy ways to boost your regular sunscreen’s protection.

  9. Tips to Revamp Your Look: Fashion and Beauty Tips for a New You

  10. Need a beauty boost? The beginning of the New Year is an ideal time to switch up your old routine and try something different – whether it’s as simple as a new cosmetic item or a fresh approach to your hair, makeup and skin care regimen. This article offers timesaving makeup and hairstyle tips, advice on product choices and beauty remedies for under-eye circles, damaged hair, dull skin and more.

  11. 8 Fashion and Beauty Must-Haves for Older Women

  12. You’re never too old to experiment with new fashion and beauty trends. If you’ve been stuck in a rut lately, it’s time to start embracing your own personal style and develop a look that’s timeless, flattering and sophisticated. Learn how to choose clothing items that suit your figure, integrate versatile staples into your everyday wardrobe and play with fun accessories and makeup to complete the look. 

  13. How to Treat the First Visible Signs of Menopause

  14. Menopause side effects like adult acne, dry skin and the appearance of new lines and wrinkles can make it hard to feel comfortable in your own skin. In this article, you’ll learn the basics of caring for your hair and skin during menopause, including how to alter your routine to treat skin concerns, as well as simple fashion and beauty secrets to help you feel confident and beautiful in the years ahead.

  15. Fashion & Beauty Handbook

  16. Whatever your beauty question, you’ll find answers here. From fashion and makeup trends to tips on shopping within your budget, this article provides beauty guidance for women of every age. You’ll find articles targeted to specific seasons, age ranges and budgets, making it easy to become an expert on caring for your appearance.

  17. Sensitive Skin Conditions: Causes and Treatments for Sensitive Skin Care

  18. Worried that your skin sensitivities might be caused by an underlying condition? It’s time to get to the facts. Eczema, rosacea, contact dermatitis, psoriasis and acne are all common conditions that are treatable with help from over-the-counter or prescription products. The first step is to determine what condition you have, then understand how to treat it. Get started with this comprehensive guide.

  19. Scalp Conditions Handbook

  20. From common concerns like dandruff and scalp acne to more serious conditions such as scalp psoriasis and scalp folliculitis, there are many factors that contribute to an irritated scalp. In addition to choosing the right shampoos and treatment products, it’s equally important to correctly diagnose the underlying issue. Learn more about each condition, its cause and your options for treatment in this article, including when to see a doctor for prescription treatments.

  21. Scalp Health: Top 10 Products to Nurture and Protect

  22. We think a lot about achieving beautiful hair, but too often overlook the importance of caring for the scalp – and gorgeous hair starts with a healthy scalp. In addition to treating scalp conditions like dandruff and scalp folliculitis, it’s important to know the basics for keeping your scalp clear and healthy on a daily basis. Itchiness, flakiness, sun damage, thinning hair and scalp oil build-up are all common concerns that you can address with the right treatment products and approaches.

  23. Top 100 Beauty & Fashion Blogs

  24. Beauty blogs offer a wealth of information to help you navigate the latest skincare, makeup and fashion trends, but the sheer number of blogs can be overwhelming. This article makes filtering through the web’s myriad blogs a lot easier. Peruse our list of 100 quality blogs, sorted by category, and you’ll be on your way to finding a new favorite blogger (or several!) and improving your beauty routine with tips from beauty experts around the world.

Ready to usher in the New Year with beauty and confidence? These 12 articles from the past year offer a great start to attaining healthy skin and hair at any age. As you commit to making changes in your health and beauty habits for 2013, use this handbook as a guide to maintaining the look you want all year long.


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