Q: I’d love a creative, curly look for an upcoming holiday party, rather than the traditional sleek, straight blowout look. Is this an option when scheduling a blowout?

A: According to Vanity Fair and the Minneapolis Star Tribune, blow dry bars, or salons specializing in blowouts, often feature a long list of both classic and contemporary looks, ranging from laidback, beach-inspired locks to long, loose curls. At your salon, inquire if the traditional sleek and smooth blowout can be swapped for a different style.

Q: My tween daughter is obsessed with my beauty products. Any suggestions for a few age-appropriate surprises I can slip into her stocking this holiday?

A: butter LONDON Lips and Tips - Snog is a hot pink lip gloss and nail polish duo that’s sure to bring a smile to her face this holiday. Add in Philosophy The Gingerbread Girl Lotion – a seasonally inspired hydrating lotion that’s ideal for a preteen.

Q: I’ve never visited the department store beauty counter for a consultation because I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford all the cosmetics recommended. Is there a minimum purchase required?

A: According to About Beauty, when you schedule a full consultation ahead of time, you may be asked to have to pay a fee, which varies according to the store or salon. If there’s no fee, or if you’re just dropping by the counter, remember that consultants are paid on commission so be considerate of his or her time. When testing a few products, there’s no purchase required. But, when getting a full makeover or lengthy consultation, the unspoken rule is to purchase a couple products.

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The holidays are just around the corner, and along with the joy of the season, there’s typically some added stress as well. Balancing the extra shopping, cleaning and socializing on top of your other daily demands can be a major challenge – and oftentimes self-care falls by the wayside. Sidestep the stress and make time for yourself this holiday season by prioritizing some pampering. Here are five seasonally inspired ideas.

For many, the word pampering is equated with long spa days or relaxing weekend retreats that simply aren’t a reality for the everyday woman – especially during the chaos of the holiday season. But there are plenty of quick, affordable ways to pamper yourself amidst the shopping and socializing, ranging from a seasonally inspired bath to a steamy hot yoga session. Here are five easy – and festive - ways to pamper yourself so you can look beautiful and feel your best all through the holiday season.

  1. Schedule a salon blowout

  2. Whether you’re rushing from work to a holiday play or want to wow your friends and family at a seasonal get-together, consider scheduling a salon blowout en route to your event. During the blowout, the stylist will wash, dry and style your locks so they look polished and sleek. The best part? The appointment lasts around 30 minutes – around the time it takes you to shampoo and style your hair at home.

    Blowouts have become such a popular way to pamper that these practical treatments have replaced the weekly mani/pedi appointment for some women. In fact, special salons called “blowout bars” or “blowdry salons” are popping up all over. Prices for a blowout vary depending on the stylist and salon, but can be as low as $30.

  3. Get an impromptu mani/pedi at the mall

  4. Most women find themselves spending endless hours at the mall during the holidays. Why not squeeze a little “me” time into your trip? Most shopping centers have either a nail salon or day spa where you can drop in for an impromptu manicure and/or pedicure without an appointment. When you’re out and about shopping, this is an easy, relaxing escape from the holiday craze and crowds you’re likely to encounter.

    Shopping with your favorite girlfriend or daughter? Treating her to a nail treatment can be an easy way to tackle your gift list a little bit early. Consider picking a shade of the season – like red or green – and adding some festive nail art that’ll keep you in the holiday spirit.

  5. Slip into a steamy, holiday-inspired bath

  6. As the holidays draw closer, the weather is getting colder and your calendar is filling up. Taking time to soak in a steamy hot bath will not only warm you up from the winter chill, it’s a much needed escape from the shopping, cooking, social events, shoveling, decorating and other activities associated with the holiday season.

    For a holiday-inspired soak, all it takes is a few festive details. First, send the kids out the door with dad or a babysitter, so you won’t be interrupted. Then, fill your tub with hot water, and add a bubble bath with a seasonal scent like Kerstin Florian Thermal Mineral Shower/Bath Gel, which features a festive pine aroma. Light a candle (NEST Fragrances Scented Candle - Pumpkin Chai is perfect for the holidays), and set the mood with your favorite holiday tunes before slipping in the tub. Add a glass of your favorite spiced wine or a mug of hot chocolate or tea to further unwind and relax.

  7. Spice up your look with a professional makeover

  8. When’s the last time you consulted a professional for personalized makeup advice? To look your best this holiday season, treat yourself to a consultation with a makeup artist. Make an appointment with the cosmetologist at your local salon or day spa. Or, if you’re pressed for time, combine your makeover with some holiday shopping. Simply make an appointment or stop by the beauty counter at your favorite department store or specialty cosmetic store (like Sephora or Bare Minerals). During your makeover, ask for holiday beauty tips, and consider splurging on an early stocking stuffer just for you – like festive red lipstick or a glittery eye shadow.

  9. Warm up with hot yoga

  10. We often equate pampering with lazy spa treatments that involve sitting or lying down. But a little bit of exercise can also do wonders when it comes to soothing your spirit and improving your look this holiday season. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or have dabbled in this eastern practice in the past, the holiday season is a great time to pencil in a class or two. And since it’s getting cold outside, consider finding a hot yoga class to warm you up. Also known as Bikram yoga, hot yoga is done in a steamy studio that’s heated to a humid 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This style of yoga is said to enhance circulation, boost energy and soothe muscles.

    No hot yoga studio in your neighborhood? Get to the gym, instead. In fact, many women who have put the working out on the back burner amidst kids, careers and keeping house, find that taking an hour to sweat a few times a week feels just as “pampering” as a day at the spa. In fact, most gyms offer group classes – which allow you to socialize a bit with friends and meet new women. Although memberships can range in price, most YMCA and YWCA’s offer reasonable rates and financial assistance for families or individuals on a budget.

The holidays are the time of year when we want to look and feel our best as we shop, socialize and spend time with friends and family. But it’s also the time of year when it’s easy to put yourself and your wellbeing on the back burner. Take time to escape the seasonal chaos with some pampering. Whether it’s an impromptu pedicure during a shopping trip or a glamorous blowout, give yourself the gift of a healthy and stress-free holiday season.


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