Q: Why are there little bumps where the filler was placed?

A: It’s usually because the filler was placed a little bit too close to the surface of the skin. Typically it goes away, but if it’s bothering you, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with your doctor or nurse.

Q: The bruising around the injection site hasn’t gone away and it’s been over a week. What can I do?

A: While most bruising goes away within 5-7 days, if there is an area that’s just not fading, it’s possible there’s a blood clot in that area. The best thing to do is call the doctor’s office and see the nurse or doctor who did the procedure because they have access to specialized lasers that can help dissolve the clot so you can enjoy your results.

Q: What if I don’t like the results of my dermal filler?

A: In time, the hyaluronic acid that makes up most dermal fillers will fade away because it isn’t permanent and your body will naturally absorb it. But if you’re not happy from the start, you can have the filler dissolved with an enzyme by visiting your doctor’s office.

Q. After months of searching, I found the perfect fragrance. But after a full day of wear, the scent is unrecognizable. What happened?

A. Finding the right perfume can be tedious - and the process involves more than stop-and-go counter sampling. Before you commit to buying a bottle, Vogue recommends letting the fragrance settle on your skin for no less than eight hours. This is because a perfume is comprised of three essential elements: top notes, middle notes, and base notes. The top notes (what you smell at the fragrance counter) evaporate after five to 30 minutes. Middle notes, also known as the heart of the fragrance, tend to linger longer, according to POPSUGAR. Base notes are the longest lasting of all of the elements - but you won't be able to smell them until at least 30 minutes after you apply. So, to get a realistic idea of what your fragrance will smell like after a long day, it's best to take home a sample and let the scent reveal itself.

Q: I've been struggling with noticeable facial hair above my lip for as long as I can remember and I hate waxing it. Is there an alternate method of removal that I can try?

A: For many women, the appearance of hair above and below the lips can be very frustrating. The Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo is a great alternative to waxing. This duo includes the Skin Guarding Balm to prepare skin for hair removal using a unique combination of Seta Coon seed and Beeswax to act as a protective barrier, reducing irritation from removing hair. This balm is used with the Hair Removal Cream, which causes the hair follicles to swell and break using Thioglycolate technology, to gently remove facial hair without causing irritation and redness.


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